Part 1:

Part 1: "Men would never put up with this kind of unwearability"

September 05, 2017

After our first collection of responsibly-made Italian wool blazers, we set out to continue our ethical fashion journey with something just as good. The obvious answer was a blouse, but we couldn't find a fabric that met our standards for quality and sustainability.

"How do we feel about silk?" our creative director asked.

Well, it's beautiful and is theoretically "o-kay" in that it's a natural material that biodegrades - unless the silk worm farming process gives you the "heebie jeebies" because it boils them to death and we've domesticated them for so long that they have all sorts of genetic deformities (fair warning that searching this on youtube leads to unpleasant videos).

But the problem with silk blouses, like a lot of women's clothing, is that they are incredibly impractical. They're too high maintenance for something you wear every day and regularly sweat in. Silk tops are almost always dry-clean or hand wash only, a huge burden on our time. 

"That's insane. Men would never put up with this kind of unwearability."

Thus began our long journey from New York to Austria to Switzerland to create the fabric of the future: one that looks and feels like silk, is machine-washable, and made of sustainable 100% tree fiber. It's about time. 

ZRH Slim Fit : most fitted at the waist and our longest fit
CPH Classic Fit : very fitted and tailored and medium length
GVA Luxe Fit (black and royal blue) : relaxed fit with more room at the chest.
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