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Part 3: Enter our miracle tree fiber from Austria

Posted by Cynthia Salim on

I think one of the reasons Citizen's Mark has been so high-resonance is that we're one of the first brands to make ethical fashion look boardroom-worthy. But it is not easy work.

When we realized most blouse fabrics were made of polyester and other environmentally damaging fabrics, we decided we had to start with a sustainable material. 

Our search led to Lenzing Tencel, 100% tree fiber made in Austria in a closed loop manufacturing process and responsible forestry. "But Tencel?" I thought. Isn't that the logo I see on IKEA blankets and some tops I've seen at Forever 21? How is this going to be worthy of laying under our Citizen's Mark blazer? *cue snobby diva wailing*

So I talked with the folks at Lenzing themselves and asked, what's the deal? 

Yes, you've seen the Lenzing Tencel logos on everything from IKEA blankets to Forever 21 tops and denim, but Tencel brand lyocell is just the fiber. It goes through a whole 'nother process to turn into yarn, woven into fabric, and completed with finishing. 

Essentially their message was this: Lenzing Tencel is not new, but it's up to you to make it look good. Vera Wang has used Lenzing brand fibers, and so has IKEA. Our search for a miracle weaver to make our miracle eco fiber began. ...see you soon in Switzerland for one of the most premium applications of this eco-fiber, exclusive to Citizen's Mark. 

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