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Part 5: Meet our model, who can coach your company all about...The Business Model Canvas?

Posted by Cynthia Salim on

Meet Brittany. We met online. On LinkedIn that is. Brittany reached out to me because we were both Rotary Scholar alums living in Berlin.

We met over burritos, talked about her work advising companies on market entry between Japan, Germany, and Australia (the woman is fully trilingual!), and before you know it, we had her on a train to Stuttgart to star in our Citizen's Mark campaign.

I laughed when I looked over the video roll from our shoot looking for snippets to share on Facebook and saw Brittany in hair and makeup telling me about the Business Model Canvas workshop she was facilitating the next day. 

Before I even produced our first Citizen's Mark blazer, I knew I wanted to do two unique things in branding in the fashion industry:

1) portray women as credible, competent people instead of deer-in-headlights high fashion models, and

2) feature real professional women that inspired Citizen's Mark.

Turns out, this isn't as easy as it sounds. People get camera shy. Photographers don't know what "credible" looks like. And no one model will satisfy everyone's need to see themselves, in background, body type, and everything else. 

For this campaign, we chose Brittany to take the lead because the life she's led reflects our values. 

Brittany blazed her way towards the international career of her dreams, and engages deeply in her community by serving as President of service organization Rotaract Club Berlin, a service organization of young professionals connected to Rotary, whose mission is "service above self." She is the "socially conscious woman on the rise" we exist for, and are honored to have her star in our Better Than Silk campaign.

Know another trailblazer who should star in our next campaigns? Send us a note at

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