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Part 2: Why is everything that's not silk made of polyester?

Posted by Cynthia Salim on

We're sticklers about two things at Citizen's Mark: designing for women like they're credible, competent, busy humans, and doing fashion sustainably and responsibly. 

But when we set out to solve the "silk is so high maintenance" problem, the options just didn't cut it on the sustainability front.

Check your closet: most of the easier care blouses in the industry are made of polyester, rayon, or acetate. 

What's the issue? 

Before we even get into sustainability, if you have a discerning eye, you'll know these synthetics often just look cheap. Now on the materials. 

Polyester: most easy-care tops with that silk drape are made of polyester. It's one of the worst materials for the environment. It's takes 20 to 200 years to biodegrade requires petroleum to produce, and generally ends up in landfills. It's essentially plastic. We have got to stop using this stuff. 

Rayon and Acetate: even though these two aren't synthetics and do biodegrade, the bulk of the rayon and acetate in the world are made under industrial processes that are incredibly environmentally harmful. 

We'll let our friends at Trusted Clothes give you the brief on these three bad guys (images below). Next up on the blog: the A+ fiber we're turning into machine-washable, million dollar blouse fabric. 


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