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A Plot Twist: The Industry Responds

A Plot Twist: The Industry Responds

When we set out to make a blouse that was machine-washable, sustainable, and could rival a silk blouse, we found nothing in the industry. That's why we developed Better Than Silk and launched it on Kickstarter for you to back last spring.

It's bittersweet to find ourselves in a common position in product development and kickstarter campaigns - production delays. First, let us say - we're sorry to disappoint you and make you wait longer.

But here's the plot twist. Remember how we couldn't find a raw material that was naturally sustainable, luxurious, and practical? One didn't exist, so we basically forced one into being using a tree fiber commonly used for t-shirts and blankets, 100% lyocell from respected sustainable company Lenzing, based in Austria.

Then, as we struggled with a production challenge when the finishing promised to us by our weaver didn't deliver what was promised at the sampling stage, a press release from Lenzing came out that made me and Morten scream.

TL;DR: they made a raw material that specifically meets our need for a silk like fabric that's machine-washable and sustainable. Cue hair pulling. But also - glad you noticed, industry!

With our existing fabric, we were essentially asking a staple fiber (read: yarn that's really meant for shirting) to look like silk. It worked, but we were still asking it to be something it fundamentally is not, hence the increased chance of the bump in the road like the one we hit with the finishing.

With Tencel Luxe, which Lenzing just launched, it's a filament yarn (a "continuous" yarn) instead of a staple fiber, which means it fundamentally acts more like silk and is less likely to lose its shine, and less likely to wrinkle. Very few brands have started using it, we would be one of the first.

Morten and I had to make a hard decision about we wanted to proceed. As usual, we accepted the tough realities that come with sticking to what we stand for - uncompromising quality - and deciding that a delay would be 1000% worth the likelihood of delivering you a product that knocks it out of the ballpark, and is truly, really industry leading.

Thus, with the need to weave with this new material, our new planned delivery date for your Better Than Silk blouse is April 2019. Thanks for walking this journey with us, and for your understanding and patience. We take transparency really seriously as a small team of tree, so we'll be hosting a livestream in a few weeks where you can ask us all your questions about the process.

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