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Is Polyester Sustainable?

Is Polyester Sustainable?

Polyester is created during a chemical reaction involving petroleum, coal, air, and water. Petroleum is also used to generate the energy powering this reaction, and  over 70 million barrels of oil are used annually in polyester production. 

Polyester is non-biodegrable 
and can remain in our eco-system for hundreds of years as micro-plastics.


Polyester is pervasive in our society, and isn't limited to simple clothing use. Polyester thread holds together our shoes, it can be found in home furnishing fabrics, furniture stuff, computer mouse pads, cleaning cloths, conveyor-belts, safety-belts, welcome mats, and the insulation in your car.

Polyester became the textile of choice because of its durability, flexibility, and stain-resistance - it's hardy, you can weave it into a number of things, and it holds dyes really well

If you're interested in learning more about the specifics of polyester production and it's environmental impact we recommend this article by The Independent, this academic paper, or the book Cradle-To-Cradle


What can you do?
Don't buy polyester. Period. 

We're just kidding. It's literally impossible to completely avoid buying synthetic textiles in this day and age. But you can vote with your money, and choose to buy sustainably produced clothes as much as you can. 

That's why we created Better Than Silk - it's a super sustainable fiber, innovatively woven to feel as luxurious as silk but stay machine washable. Innovations like this move the fashion industry away from the mindset that there simply aren't sustainable alternatives. Learn more about Better Than Silk here.

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