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4 Casual Sustainable Fashion Brands

4 Casual Sustainable Fashion Brands

We love dressing sharp for work, but once the weekend rolls around it can be nice to let your (metaphorical) hair down. Here’s four of our favorite ethical and sustainable fashion brands for comfy, cool, weekend style.


1. Start from the ground up!

Allbirds is a cool footwear brand committed to using sustainable, cruelty free materials. We’re particularly impressed with their ‘SweetFoam’ shoe soles – made from sugarcane instead of unsustainable synthetics – and their designs are simple, fun, and colorful. Check out their website for more in-depth information!


2. Get active on the weekend?

Patagonia is a giant in the sustainable fashion industry. They’re ‘Don’t Buy This Jacket’ Black Friday add is a core part of the slow fashion movement. Patagonia has all kinds of activewear and ticks many of the disparate sustainability boxes, so there’s something there for everyone from the weekend dog-walker to the mountain climber.


3. Want to stay cosy?

In the Citizen’s Mark office we like to get cozy at least once over the weekend. We love Armed Angel’s ethically sourced and sustainably produced knitwear and merino products for a cosy winter feel on those long Berlin winter nights.


4. Throw on a dress.

Dresses are a great ‘no-effort’ outfit, and we love Amour Vert’s selection of sustainably and ethically produced dresses. They have some interesting information about their proprietary fabric mixes – we suggest reading more on their website to get a better understanding.

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