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New Business Models: For Days

New Business Models: For Days

In the last decade some interesting new business models have popped out of the woodwork that challenge the current ‘fashion quo’. For Days is a membership model form of clothing rental that aims at reducing the amount of material waste created during a products lifecycle by 'leasing' T-shirts for a small subscription fee.

We here at Citzen's Mark love this low-impact, low-waste approach to fashion. 

How does it work? You sign up, pick three, six, or ten new T-shirts, and have them shipped to you. When you’re done with the T-shirts – maybe you’re tired of them, maybe you spilt Sriracha down the front of one – you send it back, they send you a fresh one, and recycle the old one back into another T-shirt.

‘Closed-loop’ and ‘circular economy’ are big buzz words in sustainable fashion right now. Founder Kristy Caylor, like Mud Jeans and a small cohort of others, is responsibility for the entire lifecycle of her products. We’re interested to see how the brand tackles recycling in the long-term.

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