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Quartz: How We'll Win

Quartz: How We'll Win

We love supporting women, whether in the workplace or out, so we're thrilled to see that Quartz is running a new online journal documenting some of the most influential women across the globe. 

It's so important that we as women come together to support and uplift our accomplishments. We're subscribed to the 'How We'll Win' newsletter, and we hope you do too. Here's our favorite picks from the current issues:

1. Kathryn Minshew"The people who were successful in [my first few career environments] all had other strengths, and as a result I doubted or downplayed some of my own strengths for a long time, wondering if they were even strengths at all. It took me a few years, a career switch, and several badass role models to see it differently."

2. Linda Sarsour - "Women need to find the courage to demand what they rightfully deserve. Women should be paid for the same work as their male counterparts, ask for promotions, and stand in their power in their place of employment, whether they are in a boardroom or in the movement. Women need to reprogram the work culture we have been fed that says women shouldn’t be so aggressive and 'bossy.'"

3. Emily Weiss - "Gender-inclusive workplaces don’t just benefit women: They benefit everyone. And on top of that, they’re actually great for business. Gender-balanced teams are more engaged, show increased customer satisfaction, and ultimately make more money. Men should think twice before joining a team with no female contributors, not because there’s a quota to meet, but because diversity in perspective helps everyone succeed."

4. Tarana Burke - "At the start of my career—not just Me Too, which is not the totality of my career—I wish I would have known that you don’t have to sacrifice everything for a cause. And that self-care and self-preservation is also a tool that is necessary to do the work."

5. Tracy Chou"I unquestioningly bought into the meritocracy and all the false markers of qualification and success that Silicon Valley obsesses over: Ivy League pedigree, time at Google or Facebook, connectivity to the heroes of tech and venture capital. It hardly hurt me to believe these myths; I had the “right” credentials, and they opened countless doors for me. It’s easy to believe in a system that tells you that you are winning because you are the best and you deserve all of your success.

Check out Quartz' 'How We'll Win' here.

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