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5 Sustainable Luxury Bag Brands We Love

5 Sustainable Luxury Bag Brands We Love

Accessories are key to any outfit. We at Citizen's Mark believe in sustainable consumption and ethical purchasing - meaning we try to buy sustainable and ethical products wherever possible. Here's a list of our favorite bag brands to keep you in sustainable fashion from top-to-toe.

Hamilton Round Cross-body - Dark Green

Angela Roi is a luxury ethical New York bag brand. Their designs are modern classics, and they strive to create luxury bags from animal-friendly leather (meaning; fake leather derived from Poly-Urethane, which has a lower environmental footprint and softer feel than the traditional PVC 'pleather)

2. Matt and Nat

Matt & Nat are named after "Mat(t)erial + Nature". They're a completely vegan brand that lines their bags with a textile created from 100% recycled plastic bottles, and they seek out other sustainable materials such as their cork and rubber. Like Angela Roi, they also use Poly-Urethane vegan leather instead of animal leathers or PVC.


3. Raven and Lily

Raven and Lily are committed to a comprehensive sustainability vision. They work to off-set their carbon footprint, strive to source local and environmentally friendly materials, and are a member of the Fair Trade Federation.


4. Nisolo

Nisolo produces luxury bags using vegetable tanned leather - a traditional method that doesn't require complex chemical processes and creates leather that can last you an entire lifetime, or even longer!

They're also committed to beyond fair trade working practices - providing fair wages, healthcare, and a healthy work environment for all their workers. Read more about their production practices.


5. O My Bag

Image result for oh my bag

O My Bag aims to create bags that have a positive impact on the world. Much like us! We love this Dutch brand's use of vegetable-tanned, meat-industry waste hides for the leather, and their commitment to creating 'buy for a lifetime' products, as well as creating a healthy and fair working environment for their employees across their supply chains. 

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