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On Looking The Part

Posted by Cynthia Salim on

This blog entry was written by Cynthia Salim, founder of Citizen's Mark and champion for women's advancement.

I'll always remember the day a mentor at the UN told me "I thought you were a lawyer. You dress like a lawyer." I was a 22 year-old intern in Geneva, Switzerland working in policy advocacy then, and I couldn't have asked for a better compliment. 

As I went on to work at a big management consulting firm (blazer + cigarette pants) then in a warehouse as an operations manager (blazer + denim), I eventually realized that looking the part was about putting people at ease. To convey in every setting that "yes, you can trust me, for I am one of you." Meeting people where they are in simple ways always allowed more leeway to be more outspoken in the moments that mattered.  

A sharp blazer was that versatile piece I could style in different ways but always added gravitas. Finding a good one that wasn't too frilly or fun was tough. That's why I started Citizen's Mark with a modern, high-quality Italian wool blazer that packs a punch. 

In the spirit of looking the part, one of our favorite models, Rebeca Mosquera, a New York international arbitration attorney, shows us the Geneva Blazer dressed up and dressed down. Here's to making your mark. 

The Geneva Blazer Dressed Up
Settings: law, finance, consulting, diplomacy
The look: regal, formal, sophisticated

Dressed Up Geneva Luxe Fit (Royal Blue)Dressed Up Geneva Luxe Fit

Citizen's Mark Geneva Luxe Fit Blazer ($475) in Royal Blue and Black 

The Geneva Blazer Dressed Down
Settings: startup, media, communications, marketing
The look: sharp, clean, accessible
Dressed Down Geneva Luxe Fit Dressed Down Geneva Luxe Fit (Royal Blue)
Citizen's Mark Geneva Luxe Fit Blazer ($475) in Black and Royal Blue
May lMy-My
Made of 100% Italian wool, luxury cotton-seed lining, and German wool undercollar, the Citizen’s Mark blazer is produced in a specialized suit factory in Portugal alongside the most respected mens tailoring brands. Shop our Inaugural Collection now at

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