"There was a time when we didn't waste anything"

March 08, 2017

This blog was penned by Cynthia Salim, Citizen's Mark founder, after a product development trip to Biella, Italy.
Last month, I re-visited the first yarn mill I ever saw when I was starting Citizen's Mark to develop a wool sweater. Every time I go, I learn something profound.

In 2013, it was, as owner Pier Giacomo said, "This is Cynthia, she is starting a suiting company, and she knows nothing about wool!"

In 2016, as I chomped on a delicious cookie after a long day of driving into the small town of Biella from Milan, it was "There was a time when we didn't waste anything."

This cookie is apparently traditionally made from the leftover dough you had from making bread. There was a time when we didn't waste because we didn't have enough. Then there came a time where we felt like we had so much and didn't think about it. Now, we're back in a time where we need to regain that sensibility to use our natural resources responsibly. 

Sustainability is of course something we think about a lot at Citizen's Mark, with every product we develop, like our first blazer and upcoming wool sweater. How is this raw material sourced? How many times will our customer wear it? Will it biodegrade like cupro lining, or never like polyester?

We learn a lot of things in product development, from warp versus weft, to worsted versus woolen. But one of the best parts of the process (other than the cookies), is meeting the thoughtful suppliers behind our raw materials who simply get it.

At one of the largest and most respected wool mills with owner Pier Giacomo in historic wool town Biella, Italy.
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