We're developing a new blouse fabric for working women

It's called Better Than Silk.

Think machine-washable silk.

We’ll keep you updated as we prepare to launch Better Than Silk on Kickstarter in January 2018.

It's time for a better blouse fabric.

We're developing the kind of blouse fabric that working women should have had for decades: one that's luxurious, practical, and sustainable. It's time to make a statement.

That working women deserve better.
That our time is valuable.
That values matter.

Made in Switzerland out of 100% tree fiber.

We took 100% tree fiber Lenzing Tencel sustainably-forested in Austria and found just the right weight, density, and finishing.

The results: a sustainable fabric that will rival your silk blouse, yet is machine-washable.

Want one? We'll have to make it happen together.

It takes a 1,000 meter order to turn on the switch and run the weaving loom in Switzerland to produce this new fabric.

Sign-up below to show your interest in pledging a pre-order, and we'll let you know when it launches on Kickstarter at 40% off.

Innovation by

At Citizen's Mark, we're about quality, responsibility, and designing for women to project credibility.

I started Citizen's Mark in Geneva, Switzerland after working in human rights and management consulting, and realizing how few brands design for sophisticated working women.

We launched in New York with a single-item collection that made headlines: a responsibly-made Italian wool blazer. Now, we're taking "boardroom-worthy ethical fashion" to new heights with Better Than Silk.

When we couldn't find a blouse fabric that was luxurious and sustainable, we made it ourselves. I can't wait to introduce Better Than Silk to you on Kickstarter soon. Sign-up below to find out when it launches, and we'll also send you a sample swatch.

Cynthia Salim, Founder & CEO

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