Better Than Silk - Launching Soon on Kickstarter

Better Than Silk - Launching Soon on Kickstarter

It's time for a better blouse fabric.

We're developing the kind of blouse fabric that working women should have had for decades. One that's luxurious, practical, and sustainable. It's here to make a statement.

That working women deserve better. That our time is valuable. That values matter. 

Our Design Philosophy

Made in Switzerland out of 100% tree fiber.

We started with 100% tree fiber sustainably-forested in Austria and made in a closed loop manufacturing process.

Then, we worked with our weaving partner in Switzerland to find just the right weight, density, and finishing to create a fabric that will rival your silk blouse.

Follow The Journey

Let's make this a reality.

Innovation that pushes the fashion industry in the right direction is mountain-moving work. We'll have to do this together. Sign up to find out when Better Than Silk launches on Kickstarter at 40% off. 

ZRH Slim Fit : most fitted at the waist and our longest fit
CPH Classic Fit : very fitted and tailored and medium length
GVA Luxe Fit (black and royal blue) : relaxed fit with more room at the chest.
Not sure which size to get? US and EU shipping and returns are free. Order two sizes and find your perfect fit.