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Cookie Policy

1. What are Cookies and what are they used for?

Cookies are small text files that are stored on a user's computer when he/she visits a website. 

2. What types of Cookies does this website use?

In general, our website does not use Cookies to retrieve or use personal information.

We use cookies such as:

Session Cookies
Session Cookies are Cookies that are automatically deleted from the user’s hard drive after a browser session. They are used, for example, to enable the interactive shopping bag function. It enables the items that you have placed in the shopping bag to remain there while you continue browsing our web shop.

Persistent Cookies
These Cookies will be saved to your hard drive after each browser session. These particular Cookies make our offer user-friendly, more secure and more efficient. These Cookies are responsible for saving the items in your shopping bag between visits to the website. In addition, these Cookies will update your shopping bag on all of your registered devices, such as your smartphone, tablet, or computer.

Analytical Cookies
These Cookies are used to help us determine and analyze how visitors use our website. Using the results from this analysis, we try to optimize our web shop in order to make your shopping experience easier and more personalized.

Targeting/Advertising Cookies
These Cookies help us implement individualized ads according to your preferences. In addition, these Cookies enable us to see whether you were redirected to our website from a link or banner from another website, which will allow us to manage and improve our affiliate collaborations.

3. How do I decline the use of cookies?

You are free to decline the use of cookies. Most web browsers permits to delete or block cookies and to warn you and ask for your consent before cookies are stored. You can find help in your internet browser on how to set your internet browser to handle and possible block cookies. 

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