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Marketing Associate, Luxury Ethical Fashion, German Fluency

Citizen's Mark is looking for an ambitious marketing associate with German fluency to join us in our Berlin, Germany office (English fluent? See our English marketing role here). We are looking for someone who can communicate our brand values in a simple, concise, and compelling way. 


What You'll Do:

  • Copywriting: work with our marketing team to craft culturally-relevant copy in German for an audience of sophisticated, socially conscious women on the rise
  • Digital marketing: A/B test various marketing materials, creating content for re-targeting campaigns, tracking digital marketing campaign performance. 
  • Online and offline content creation: create and execute email marketing and social media marketing, print marketing collateral, and website updates
  • Partnerships: relationship management with influencers in Germany and Switzerland 
  • Customer service and operations: reply to customer questions and comments and support with any other operations-related communications

Skills Required:

  • Fluency in German
  • 2-4 years of experience in a relevant marketing role
  • Clear understanding of who the Citizen's Mark woman is, and an understanding of the brand voice
  • Experience using email marketing, social media, and digital marketing tools
  • Basic design skills and ability to capture the Citizen's Mark aesthetic when crafting marketing collateral

To apply: email us at with your CV and cover letter with 1) a list of email marketing, social media, design and digital marketing tools and platforms you have used in previous roles; 2) a graphic design or copywriting collateral sample or mock-up that reflects your ability to capture the Citizen's Mark aesthetic.

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