Our Design Philosophy

I was in the middle of a department store floor when I realized why I couldn't find what I was looking for: the fashion industry doesn't design for young women to look credible. 

I started Citizen's Mark with the intention of having this revolutionary design philosophy that really shouldn't be so revolutionary. Even writing it for our home page seemed silly. But that's the truth of what's out there. I'm still surprised when even "professional clothing" brands put out cute ruffles that remind me of the church dress my mother put me in when I was seven.


Design To Project Credibility


Quality Speaks Volumes


Classics are your MVPs

Want not need. Investment pieces. Phase of your career. 



ZRH Slim Fit : most fitted at the waist and our longest fit
CPH Classic Fit : very fitted and tailored and medium length
GVA Luxe Fit (black and royal blue) : relaxed fit with more room at the chest.
Not sure which size to get? US and EU shipping and returns are free. Order two sizes and find your perfect fit.