Citizen’s Mark is the lifestyle brand of the socially conscious, empowered woman.

In everything we do, we consider how our actions shape the kind of world we want to live in. From sourcing to production to branding, our decisions reflect our values - respect for our workers, our environment, and our diverse global citizenship.

Join us and make your mark.
  • Our Story

    It was in Geneva, Switzerland that founder Cynthia Salim began to notice the lack of high quality, professional wear for young women. Having worked in a diplomatic environment at the United Nations and poised to begin a career as a management consultant, she knew full well the challenge of dressing for a job that the fashion industry did not seem to know she and her peers had. From that community, the vision emerged to build a line that reflects the values of a socially conscious and empowered generation of women on the rise.

    Using the highest quality materials and a design process inspired by Swiss precision, Citizen’s Mark works with leading European producers and historic wool mills to meet an uncompromising commitment to a responsible global supply chain. This is at the heart of Citizen’s Mark and is just the start of our journey.
  • Our Inaugural Collection

    Made of double-pressed Italian wool, luxury cotton seed lining, and German wool undercollar, the Citizen’s Mark blazer is the essential piece for the working woman’s wardrobe.

    We took two years to work closely with world-class craftsmen and socially responsible factories to create the perfectly fitted blazer for today’s modern woman. The Inaugural Collection demonstrates Citizen’s Mark’s commitment to high quality, a tailored cut, and a powerful aesthetic.

    Citizen's Mark is crafted for today’s socially conscious, empowered woman. For the women shaping their industries. For the women redefining leadership. For the women making global footprints.

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Our signature blazer comes in standard Italian/European Sizes, while Better Than Silk is sized XS/S/M

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