Our Story

Beyond "workwear"

Founder Cynthia Salim was a young UN professional in Switzerland when she got a big job offer at a consulting firm. As she shopped for this new phase in her career, she realized: it's not that there isn't enough "workwear" for women, it's that the fashion industry doesn't design for women to look credible. From there came the inspiration for a brand for a generation of socially conscious and empowered women on the rise. 

Cynthia's Story

In everything we do, we consider how our actions shape the kind of world we want to live in.

Citizen's before consumers

Our name Citizen's Mark comes from the idea that we're designing for women who are "making their mark" across industries. But it also reflects the reality that we are a generation of professionals, makers, and do-ers that see ourselves as citizens before consumers. 

As a small, privately-owned company, we make decisions as global citizens before business owners, and design for and talk to you as citizens before consumers. 

Our Design Philosophy

Swiss precision. Scandinavian minimalism.

Sophisticated ethical fashion.

Our Collection

Precise, thoughtful design.

Is that inside pocket deep enough for business cards? Is this lining breathable? Does this feature add gravitas or is it just a high-fashion inconvenience?

We've all had blouses with unreachable back zippers and buttons that require handmaids. We're battling thoughtlessness with Swiss precision and a clean lines, sharp angles, made-to-last Scandinavian design philosophy.

"It was a revolutionary idea that shouldn’t have been so revolutionary.

Projecting credibility

We don't just design for the Monday board meeting or the power attorney - we design for every woman who wants to look credible - in any setting. 

Our philosophy is simply to design for women to project credibility. Why is this so rare? Read more in Business Insider or on our founder's blog.

Our Design Philosophy

Our Values

ZRH Slim Fit : most fitted at the waist and our longest fit
CPH Classic Fit : very fitted and tailored and medium length
GVA Luxe Fit (black and royal blue) : relaxed fit with more room at the chest.
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