From sourcing to production to branding, our decisions reflect our values:

respect for workers, the environment, and our diverse global citizenship. 

Citizen's Mark works with leading European suppliers to meet an uncompromising commitment to a responsible global supply chain. We don't just work with suppliers that are compliant - where we can, we work with the pioneers in quality and sustainability - the people who are moving the industry in the right direction. 

Wool production that keeps our water streams clean

Our 400+ year old wool mill in Biella, Italy purifies the water after the dyeing process to ensure only clean water re-enters the streams. They also received an EU innovation award for lowering the sound of the looms to mitigate worker hearing loss. 

That's what a proactive effort to move the industry in the right direction looks like, and we are proud to be a part of it. 

A living wage factory

Our factory partner in Portugal is not only 30% solar powered, but pays living wages and provides health care coverage to its employees. 

Their internal social responsibility team is always working to improve their footprint, from local economic initiatives to installing photovoltaic panels  to reduce CO2 emissions. 

Luxurious lining that fully biodegrades

Most lining is made of polyester, which essentially never biodegrades and stays in our ecosystem forever.

Citizen's Mark uses respected Bemberg brand cupro lining which is made of 100% cotton seed and is 100% biodegradable. It's a favorite among top luxury coat brands because of its luxuriously soft touch and breathable quality. 

Branding that portrays the credible woman

Citizen's Mark branding shows a dimension to women we just don't see enough of: the credible woman. 

We portray women as competent people acting upon their environment. And until now, we've only featured women leaders from various industries, not models. On our home page is tech product manager Sandra, and to the right is international arbitration attorney Rebeca. 

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