Pushing Towards Perfect

Wool production that keeps our water streams clean.

Fabric dyeing can be one of the polluting activities in fashion. Our 400+ year old wool mill in Biella, Italy is a leader in water conservation and purification, ensuring only clean water re-enters the streams, which hasn't always been the case for all mills, even in Europe. We rest easy knowing that the beautiful colors in Citizen's Mark blazers we're dyed responsibly.  

Luxurious lining that fully biodegrades.

Check your closet: a lot of lining, even at the premium price point, is made of polyester. It's sweaty, low-quality and almost never biodegrades. Check a properly made Burberry coat on the other hand, and you'll likely see cupro, a luxuriously soft "oh wow this is so luscious" fabric that's also super sustainable. Made of 100% cotton seed, cupro is breathable, biodegradable and makes our blazers feel like a dream.  

A solar-powered, living wage factory

Power usage is another heavy environmental strain put on by the fashion industry. Our factory partner in Portugal now sources 50% of its power from its photovoltaic solar panels - up from 30% last year. Of course, it's also a respected leader in social responsibility, providing training, living wages, and health care coverage to its employees.

Branding that projects credibility

We wouldn't go this far and give you another high-fashion model staring blankly into space! Our models are women in the community we admire - to the right, Rebeca, international arbitration attorney, and on our home page, Sandra, tech project manager. We work hard with our photographers to make sure they're captured as they are - full of substance and gravitas. The world needs more images of the credible woman. 

This is just the beginning.

In 2018, we're launching Better Than Silk, a sustainable and machine-washable fabric that will rival your silk blouse.

ZRH Slim Fit : most fitted at the waist and our longest fit
CPH Classic Fit : very fitted and tailored and medium length
GVA Luxe Fit (black and royal blue) : relaxed fit with more room at the chest.
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